WORKSHOP IBIZA 2018


        THEY ARE BACK !

        Jan Scholz and Ryan Muirhead are thrilled to announce that they  are teaming up to teach a third workshop together. This time in… Ibiza!

        They can honestly say that the times they  have teamed up to teach and create are some of the happiest memories. From the “Film” Show in Idaho and Las Vegas where they met, to Spain, The Canary Island and Belgium, the workshops they  have put on together have been such positive experiences filled with amazing people.

        WHAT IT IS:

        Film & Friends has always been about getting friendly people who are passionate about art photography together in an interesting space to create together. This one will be no different. Ryan and Jan will share about their art and why they create what they do, how they do. They will teach the technicals of shooting film in various formats and the way to work with subjects to create personal, emotional images. It will be a chance to a share a love of tangible art. Each student will receive a signed print and small portfolio from both Ryan and Jan. Most of all it will be a chance to create beautiful work in an inspiring location. We will spend most of both full workshop days creating. Jan and Ryan will both demonstrate how they conduct a photoshoot as well as assisting students with improving on making the images they want to create.

        WHAT IT ISN’T:

        A business seminar


        Drinks and a small welcome get together night of Oct, 4.

        Breakfast and Lunch on both workshop days, Oct 5 & 6.

        Two full workshop days (10:00-17:00) of instruction and shooting.

        A signed 11×17 Print and a small portfolio of images from Ryan & Jan.



        Ibiza, Spain in THIS beautiful home.



        €1200 – Seats are transferrable but not refundable

        14 Spaces Available


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        9 March 2018




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